The Legend of Princess Komodo Dragon

"komodo dragon"“Do not kill and hurt that animal, she is your sister”
It is a piece of words in a legend about Princess Komodo Dragon.

Once, in the beautiful Komodo Island, lived there a very beautiful princess who called by people there princess Komodo dragon. This princess is married to a handsome and brave man named Majo. From their marriage, they are given a twin child who one of them is a man and the other is a komodo. The Baby boy is a human, named Gerong and had been grown up in human surrounding. And the baby girl named Ora is a komodo dragon who then lived and settled in the forest.

The period turned into years passed, Gerong and Ora had both grown up to be adult in each residence. At the one time, the Gerong went to forest for hunting deer around the village. After he got the deer and ready to be taken away, suddenly there is Komodo dragon come to him and eat the deer.  Gerong tried to shoo  it but it did not work because Komodo dragon stayed there while eating the deer, and by showing its teeth and sharp claws it tried to make gerong be afraid.

Finally Gerong took his bow and arrows and tried to shoot the Komodo dragon. But before he did it suddenly there was someone coming, she was a very beautiful woman who appeared with a shining light. She was their own mother who called the princess of Komodo dragon. She talked very smooth and at gentle and stand up between Gerong and Ora. The mother said: “Do not kill and hurt the animal, she is your sister named Ora. I birth both of you as a twin. “

Since the incident at the forest, the people in that island live together and treat it well. Komodo lived there free and nobody could hunt it in the forest. They are allowed to eat all of wild, deer and other forest animals. Komodo who cannot find food by themselves due to injury or other reasons, are feed by their own brother, the man.

Come and join us for hunting “Dragon” on Komodo Island

For those of you who want to feel the sensation of the different holidays, it is not bad to plan of your vacation for hunting the dragons on Komodo Island, the islands of Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. It’s exactly on the National Park Komodo Island and you will find the dragon with beautiful landscape which almost never touched by humans.

The National Park of Komodo Island located between Sumbawa and Flores islands, and built as a place for the conservation for the Komodo dragon. This national park was first opened to the public in 1980. Six years after the establishment of this park, or rather in 1986, UNESCO made Komodo Island as a National Park for a world heritage site as well as man and biosphere reserve. Consist of three main islands, namely the komodo, Rinca, and Padar Island, which surrounded by the beautiful sea, make this park as a home of approximately 1000 species of fish, hundreds of species of coral, coral and more than seventy types of sponges. Various types of fish that can be found in the sea Komodo Island include: sharks, stingrays, whales, dolphins, sea turtles and dugongs can be found here.

Komodo or commonly known as the Komodo dragon is actually the largest lizard in the world, including prehistoric animals. Actually, the komodo dragons are not like a dragon that exists in fairy tales. They do not have wings to fly and not also breathed fire from his mouth. Komodo in a Latin called Varanus komodoensis does have a very large body. The Size of adult Komodo dragon can reach three meters high and weighs approximately 70 kilograms. Because of its large shape and has a head that something like the dragon told in a tales, the dragon is known as Komodo dragon.  Although its appearance is sinister, but it is not very wild dragons like the most people said.

It is based on the fact that a dragon do not too active in hunting their prey and also not too cruel in killing it. A Komodo dragon just bite prey only once enough. After that, it will just follow where the prey go, even sometimes for a days. Because of this bites, germs or bacteria from the saliva of the Komodo dragon will kill it soon or later depend on the type of animal as their prey. When the prey is dead, the komodo dragons will take a party with the others.

Komodo dragon’s teeth and mouth is a nightmare for a dentist. They are crammed with deadly germs and bacteria in the world and make it the main weapon for hunting its prey. The Komodo dragons usually prefer to hunt a weak animals being hurt or young. However, for large-sized Komodo dragons also hunt large animals as well as wild bull and the other.

Ecology, behavior and way of life of Komodo dragon

"komodo dragon"Naturally, komodo dragons can only be found in Indonesia, especially in the Komodo, Rinca, Padar Island and other small in the southeastern homeland. This komodo dragons like a dry place as a natural condition in these islands which are low tropical forests, savannas and open hay. Komodo dragon is an animal which is active during the day, even some of them are also active at night. People who like to be alone and never gather with other can be identical with Komodo dragon, because the animals have the same habit. Komodo dragons just get together with others in an eating time and breeding.

If we take a sample as an athlete, Komodo dragon is a powerful athlete. This large reptile was able to run short distances at speeds 20km/jam. Komodo dragon is also a master swimmer and can dive to a depth of 4-5 meters. Komodo Dragons are also good at climbing trees by using the sharp claws. One more unique of this Komodo dragon is that when they try to catch prey like birds on higher place, Komodo dragon will stand on its back legs and use its tail as a brace for the counterweight. With increasing age and body size, usually Komodo dragon will be lazy to hunt such as climbing a tree. They prefer to rely on his claws and bite the prey on the ground.

After along activities of hunting for a day, Komodo dragon will take a rest at night in some holes which they create by digging with sharp claws and strong. The magnitude of these holes can reach 1-3 meters. Because of its large size and habit of sleeping in the hole to make komodo dragon stay warm and keep the body temperature to reduce the length of time in the morning sun. While hunting in the afternoon, Komodo dragon would take shelter if the temperature at the time is very hot and sunny. The favorite hunting location for Komodo dragon is a bit high and open from vegetation and with the cool sea breeze. Usually the deer is a favorite animal to be hunted by a komodo dragon.